Margarita Romanova

UX/UI design

2Look — contact lenses application

The 2LOOK brand offers personal adaptive contact lenses. You no longer need to buy two packs of lenses for each eye: one pack for the right eye, and one for the left one. Online store application will help you to choose the right personal adaptive lenses for each eye. 2LOOK also saves your data and you can use it as a medical card. ​​​​​​​If you have already bought any lenses, you can simply scan the packaging of your old lenses. Our application will select new ones for you.



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Concept background

We all have a different view on the world. And not only because we have different opinions but because we have different eyes. For example, the vision of my left eye is worse than of my right one. For someone these features of vision in both eyes differ so much that it seems impossible to buy correct contact lenses. I hate that I am always loosing my contacts/glasses reciepe, this is why I thought that it would be great to combine store with my medical card.


As a person who wears glasses from early childhood, I was surprised that I knew so little about the parameters of our vision, on the basis of which the doctor writes a prescription. First of all, our team researched the various types of diseases that potential buyers suffer.

- Farsightedness / hyperopia
- Nearsightedness / myopia
- Astigmatism on different eyes
- Astigmatism on one eye (both hyperopia and myopia on one eye)
- Keratoconus

Vision parameters

The set of vision parameters is also different depending on the disease. We tried to bring together all the potential and "popular" names for all parameters, determined the extreme values for each:

- D (Diopter, Sphere, Refractive Range): -12.0 to + 8.0 (0.5 step)
- BC (radius): 8.4, 8.6 or 8.8 mm (8.6 mm standard)
- DIA (diameter): 13.0 to 15.0 mm (in 0.1 mm steps)
- CVL (cylinder): -2.25, -1.75, -1.25, - 0.75
- AXIS: 10 to 180 (in 10 steps)
- Keratoconus: K1, K2 or K3
- Lens Material: water gradient, hydrogel polymer, silicone hydrogel
- Lens types: aspherical (soft), toric (soft), multifocal (hard)
- Dk / t: 22 to 156
- Moisture content: 33 to 80%

User can create several patient accounts: for himself or for other person who can not order lenses independently. From the start we need to know patient’s disease so we can know what kind of prescription template we need to provide.

The final step of creating patient’s profile is filling prescription data. We suggest user to put data himself or just scan previously bought contact lens packaging. After profile is set up, user can easily pick up lenses from our store.