Margarita Romanova

Branding, Font design

Exhibition «Landau: nothing comes from nothing»

Lev Davidovich Landau - Soviet theoretical physicist, founder of a scientific school, academician of the ASSR Academy of Sciences. Initiator of creation and author (with E. M. Lifshitz) of the fundamental classical Course in theoretical physics, published in 20 languages. It's hard to describe the significant impact of his works on worlds science.

«Nothing comes from nothing» — is the title of the exhibition and one of the most famous quotes of Landau. A huge number of students that were taught by Landau had been noticing the love of their teacher for good humor and life quotes, which are still quoted in scientific community.

The main idea of this project to create an exhibition based on font and not photos. For the exhibition about the life of Landau, I created the display font "DAU" that combines the ideas of technicality and elegance, that he shared. He was one of the first soviet scientists that managed to see beauty of physics and mathematics and tried to project his knowledge to the outside world. And it is was my goal to manifest this ideas in my font.

This is why I used bold rounded figures representing loving nature of Landau with thin technical lines like in circuit diagram. The font title «Dau» — is a nickname of Landau, that was used by his loved ones.