Margarita Romanova

UX/UI design

PlayStation 6 concept

2020 is not only the year of the coronavirus, but also the year of the next generation of consoles. They became more powerful, faster, more beautiful ... and bigger? But our future is 5G and ultra-high-speed satellite Internet across the planet. So why buy yourself a computing device for such a big price, which you will play at least 1-2 times a week? It is much easier to just buy a gamepad and use the company's computing power and play by transmitting your action over the network and instantly receive its result with minimal delay. All that user needs are a fast internet connection and a convenient gamepad. Basically gamepad, in my vision, will become the new "PlayStation 6". It is convenient to take the gamepad with you, it will be possible to play from any device with a screen with Bluetooth: a phone, tablet, laptop, TV or monitor. Formally, the PlayStation will cease to be a "game station", but will move to the format of a web / mobile application.

For the interface I wanted to make something understandable for users of previous consoles, but also something unusual. The main idea was to make game a center of user’s attention.