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Design Lead with 6+ years of experience crafting B2B products in customer service, mortgage lending and payroll. Leading multiple projects across the product lifecycle with user-centric approach, achieving real business goals with measurable results. Mentoring, coaching and advocating for design at all levels.

Product design
NDA protected project

Domclick CRM MIK

CRM MIK — is an internal system for 5 000+ SBER Bank employees working with clients requests for mortgage lending
Branding, Product design
NDA protected project


FlySto — is a service for analyzing your flight data from avionics systems like Garmin.
UX/UI design

2Look — contact lenses app

2LOOK offers personal adaptive contact lenses. And application will help you to choose perfect pair.
UX/UI design

NOMA — event coordinator app

The NOMA app can suggest you different events and showing it on a map, so you can fast decide where to spend evening.
UX/UI design

Couchsurfing redesign concept

I love Couchsurfing. But their app/web design is outdated. This is my small experiment on idea of how Couchsurfing may look.
UX/UI design

PlayStation 6 concept

My random fantasy on how PlayStation 6 would might look in the year 2030.
Branding, Illustration

Mountain milk — Packaging

Mountain milk is milk that is produced only from animals living in the mountains. For example from cows, goats, alpacas.
Branding, Font design

Landau — exhibition identity

For the exhibition about the life of Landau, I created display font «DAU» that combines the ideas of technicality and elegance.
Branding, Motion, 3D

«MAI» — Branding

MAI is a Russian university located in Moscow, created for providing qualified personnel for the country's aviation industry.
Branding, Illustration

Wine «SSS» — Packaging

SSS — is an Argentine unusual wine. The main idea of the packaging is to imitate snake footprints.
UX/UI design

Small projects or shots

Big collection for all projects that can not have their own page.
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